Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nalbari

KVK Nalbari

Mandates & Thrust Areas

Mandate of KVK

Ø      Organizing vocational training programme in agriculture and allied enterprises

Ø      Conducting on Farm Testing (on farmers’ field) on identified technologies in terms of location specific sustainable land use system

Ø      Front line Demonstrations on major cereal crops, oilseeds and pulses and other enterprises related to agriculture and

Ø      In-service training of field level extension official.


Thrust Areas 

The thrust areas of KVK, Nalbari have been identified through Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). Following are the identified priorities.


Thrust area


Bridging the gap between potential and achieved production and productivity of major crops especially Sali, early ahu and Boro rice in flood affected areas.


Knowledge and skill development on crop planning and contingency crop plans for flood affected and sand/ silt deposited area.


Creation of self employment opportunity among rural youth and young farmers.


Creation of awareness about modern crop varieties and production technologies of all sorts of crops.


Popularisation of pulses, oil seeds, cash and horticultural crops such as spices and banana.


Encouraging organic farming and integrated system of nutrient and pests management


Generating awareness for management of soil health on sustainable basis.


Developing knowledge of efficient resource management through integrated farming system and crop diversification  


Imparting knowledge based on improvement of local breeds and scientific rearing of livestock and birds.


Encouraging rearing of quality fingerlings through scientific fish rearing.  


Empowering farm women through training on food, nutrition, fruit preservation and processing


Developing skill and knowledge in integrated management of pest and disease of horticultural and field crops.